Craig Whittington, ENP joins 911 Wellness Foundation Board

On April 19, Craig Whittington, ENP, 2009 President of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) accepted an invitation to join the founding Board of Directors of 911 Wellness Foundation. Craig is currently Special Projects Director for Guilford Metro 911 (North Carolina). He has long shared a concern for the impact of stress on 911 professionals having seen the toll it has taken on friends and colleagues over the years. Craig stated “I have seen the effect…we have lost some of our best people–dispatchers who were sharp, committed, and passionate–then they became burned out. We can do something about this. I’m glad to join the board.”

In 2009 during his NENA presidency, Craig was instrumental in bringing the 911 stress issue to the forefront of the organization’s agenda by catalyzing the establishment of a Working Group addressing these stress risks.  In early 2012 the NENA Working Group on Acute, Traumatic and Chronic Stress submitted (for internal review) the nation’s first Standard on Comprehensive Stress Management for 911 Centers. The document sets the bar for a standard of care for 911 telecommunicators to protect them from the health impacts of work-related stress. It proposes that all North American Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs)”shall have comprehensive stress management programs for their personnel.” 

Welcome, Craig! We thank you for the contributions you’ve already made to uphold the health of 911 telecommunicators and, in advance, for sharing your experience and passion to support the mission of the Foundation!

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