Canada’s Rick Galway Joins 911 Wellness Foundation Board

We are delighted to welcome Mr. Rick Galway, ENP,  the 2011/2012 President of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) to the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Rick accepted Jim Marshall’s invitation during the 2012 Michigan NENA Conference in Lansing, Michigan on May 21 where he presented the Town Hall & State of the Association Address.

Jim and Rick have enjoyed numerous discussions during and prior to his term as president about their shared concern for the impact of psychological stress on frontline dispatchers. (Their most recent chat was filmed for 911ProTV and can be viewed by clicking here.) Rick’s support for the formation of the Foundation and for the pending NENA Standard on Acute, Traumatic, and Chronic Stress reflect on his commitment to the well-being of local 911 professionals and the entire emergency response community during his career in public safety–which spans 46 years, so far! That’s correct: we don’t believe Rick is done contributing significantly to the profession simply because he will officially wrap up his term as President of NENA on June 13 at the upcoming National Conference  in Long Beach, CA. In fact, with his acceptance of membership to our board we will be sure of that!

The Foundation is blessed to have a board whose members each bring rich and unique expertise all of which we will need to achieve our mission of fostering the health of 911 dispatchers in the Next Generation PSAP. Bringing a wealth of experience with him, Rick in particular plans to join with board member Craig Whittington (NENA President 2009/2010) to assist the Foundation in building and maintaining a robust and productive relationship with NENA. We believe the work of the Foundation will yield significant contributions to the work of NENA, APCO, and the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch (NAED) in their ongoing pursuit of best practice through industry standards and protocol.

So, we are grateful for Rick’s desire to help us build bridges to these lead 911 organizations. Beyond our hope for such contributions from Rick, we are most appreciative for the integrity, wisdom and compassion that are his signature within the 911 community.

Welcome, Rick. And thanks for making us an international board!

NOTE: Those wishing to correspond with Rick can reach him by email:

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