Looking Beyond 911 Education Month: Encouraged and Much to Do!

With so many 911 leaders rushing about this spring overseeing new CAD installs, planning with city and county government, while tuckered-out frontliners  work overtime, and 911 educators like me travel from one 911 destination to the next–and while all of us juggle such important work caring for our families’ needs, it would be good to stop for a big collective deep breathto pause, and to affirm our best intentions to continue advancing 911 wellness beyond April and the well-deserved celebration of NTW and 911 Education Month.

The 911 Wellness Foundation is grateful that on several fronts, members of APCO, NENA, our federal government leaders, local PSAP members, and university researchers are joining to increase their involvement in projects upholding this cause. 911WF is just one party among so many that have increased prioritization of the issues the Foundation exists to uphold. As I write this, researchers from Washington state and Illinois are pursuing ground-breaking studies on the risks faced by 911Pros now and predictably in the Next Generation 911 Center. PSAPs are stepping forward implementing model Wellness Programs addressing the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of their telecommunicators.

And the NENA Standard on 911 Acute/Traumatic and Chronic Stress will soon take effect, paving the way for widespread implementation of such wellness programs. The number of presentations on dispatcher health related to stress has increased dramatically during these past 2 years at our 911 industry association state and national conferences, and local 911 directors are actively seeking to learn all they can about how to care for their employees in the face of 911 stress risks. We will keep you posted here on all such new developments and begin featuring exemplary efforts to help all 911 stakeholders to inspire innovations in preventive education and resourcing of our PSAPs.

Thanks for taking time to read this note and for your part in helping 911WF fulfill its mission as we travel forward together into the remainder of 2013.

Let us hear from you, and join us on our 911WF FaceBook page.

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4 Responses to Looking Beyond 911 Education Month: Encouraged and Much to Do!

  1. Tracey Geary says:

    While advancement is always painstakingly so, it is nice to see advancement is being made. Thanks for being here for us Jim!

  2. Dustin says:

    i think any advancement that can help 911 operators and dispatchers alike is great. you will never know it all when it comes to this job.

  3. Marian Calloway says:

    it’s nice to know that someone has recognize the stress that dispatchers face on a day to day basis and if you add a couple of disaster it can be devastating. I’m happy they will be receiving the help they deserve.

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