We are the 911 industry’s only organization exclusively devoted to fostering optimal well-being and peak performance of the Very First Responder.

On behalf of the 911WF Board of Trustees, I’m grateful that you’ve taken the time to visit our blog. We hope you’ll explore each of our pages to learn what the Foundation is all about. Please note that articles published since July 2014 are posted on existing pages according to their topics for easier access. Just click on the tab related to the topic that interests you most.

Would you like a quick introduction to 911WF? By scrolling down you can enjoy watching a few short videos explaining the Foundation’s unique value to specific 911 stakeholder groups. (A complete library of our videos can be found by clicking the 911WF Videos tab above. This is a young work in progress.) Or watch and share this quick PowerPoint Introduction to 911WF.

Scrolling further down on this page, you’ll also find brief descriptions of new blog pages including 911 Wellness News, Building your CSMPs, and Personal Stories of 911 Professionals.

Thanks so much for joining us! Please share our blog with all those you believe would appreciate the Foundation’s work and the chance to be a part of our mission. And please visit our 911WF Facebook Page. Just log on and respond to the prompt to join. Our FB Administrator will promptly approve your request so you can begin reading and joining in on all the great conversations right away.

I welcome your emails! 911Wellness@live.com. Thanks much, and enjoy!

Jim Marshall, Former chair/CEO




The 911 Wellness News page

This page covers all significant events involving or affecting the Foundation, such as these articles:

  • 911 Wellness Foundation and the National Emergency Number Association Establish Official Alliance, by Jim Marshall, July 7, 2014
  • 911WF and the Texas Chapter of NENA Also Establish Official Alliance, By Jim Marshall, July 7, 2014

Visit this page now.

We’re also delighted to offer our readers two more new pages  that will add real value in your effort to contribute to our Foundation’s mission. These new pages include…

The Build Your PSAP’s CSMP! page

This page introduces 911 leaders to the NENA Standard on Acute/Traumatic and Chronic Stress Management (NENA STA-002) and offers resources to assist North American 911 centers in implementation of their Comprehensive Stress Management Programs (CSMP) called for in the Standard. Visit this page now.

The Personal 911 Stories Page

On this page you’ll find captivating stories written by 911 Professionals that help bring you in touch with the people who have lived the life of the Very First Responder. The purpose of these stories is not to sensationalize, cause alarm or invoke pity for 911Pros: it is to help their peers to know that they are not alone, and to inspire respect and boost commitment among all 911 stakeholders to join us in serving this remarkable group of human beings who serve us all each day. Visit this page now.

Again, thanks so much for investing your time to explore 911WF. We hope you’ll become a part of us! Feel free to email me: Jim Marshall, 911Wellness@live.com.

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