Welcome to The 911 Wellness Resource


This site was developed by the 911 Wellness Foundation (911WF) which operated betoolkit pictween 2011 through February 3, 2017.  Our board of directors was grateful to play a integral role in boosting awareness of the psychological risks facing 911 telecommunicators and in helping point the way to solutions. The industry has come along way in this effort, including establishing the NENA Standard on Acute/Traumatic and Chronic Stress Management.

Click on the box above to learn more, and to get help launching your 911 center’s Comprehensive Stress Management Program (CSMP.) While 911WF  has wrapped up our official work as an organization after achieving much of what we set out to do, our members are not leaving the mission behind. We are “closing up the shop” in accord with our very strong belief that the rest of the 911 wellness work yet to be done will be best accomplished as we contribute to new initiatives of our 911 membership associations. We expect to be very involved in the 911 Family’s next big steps toward empowering our 911Pros to achieve what we call Resilience-Driven Peak Performance™.

So, our website remains here, renamed as The 911 Wellness Resource–a great  information source to help all those who are working to foster Resilience-Driven Peak Performance in our comm centers. You’ll notice as you read on that we’ve left all stories, articles and resources “as is”:some offer timeless help while others will provide you with valuable insight about the 911 wellness steps taken through 2016 that pave the way for future wellness efforts. I offer a special thanks to our board of directors for their deep dedication to this work, and to all of you who have supported the mission of the 911 Wellness Foundation, including all our Alliance Partners listed on this site. Our biggest gratitude goes to our North American 911 professionals who have inspired us with their encouragement and example of service to their communities.

If you wish to contact me, please use the information below. Thanks so much for what you do for this cause. Let’s keep at it. Peace to you!

Jim Marshall, Former Chair/CEO, 911WF

Director, 911 Training Institute


Contact: Jim@911Training.net


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