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9/11 for 9-1-1: A Two-Fold Call to Remember and Re-Commit

(Re-posted from 9.11.13) Today we commemorate one of the events in our nation’s recent history that Americans greatly wish had never happen or at least could be forgotten. Yet we are all drawn back by the common instinct to honor … Continue reading

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NENA Standard on Stress Management Approved! A Major Step in SafeGuarding Health of our Very First Responders…

The National Emergency Number Association (NENA) has announced that on August 6 its Executive Board approved the Standard on 911 Acute/Traumatic and Chronic Stress Management. This Standard can make a career-changing difference for our nation’s Very First Responders–the frontline 911 … Continue reading

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Local 911 Leaders Standing Up for 911 Wellness

Is your PSAP going “Strategic” in fostering Wellness? Research from many industries support the savings– in dollars per reduced absenteeism & medical leaves and increased retention– that result from such efforts. And in the past 6 months I’ve had the … Continue reading

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To Citizens Offering Encouragement to “Battle-weary” 911 Pros: Thank You!

Recently our blog has received much more consistent and frequent comments from folks beyond 911 recognizing the critical role that 911 professionals have in our nation’s emergency response system. There seems to be a growing recognition of how stressful this … Continue reading

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Looking Beyond 911 Education Month: Encouraged and Much to Do!

With so many 911 leaders rushing about this spring overseeing new CAD installs, planning with city and county government, while tuckered-out frontliners¬† work overtime, and 911 educators like me travel from one 911 destination to the next–and while all of … Continue reading

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April 14-20 is National Telecommunicators Week: More than a formal thank you is in order!

This week I’ve had the privilege of spending time listening to 911 Professionals in Kansas and Wisconsin as we’ve explored their exposure to traumatic events–and how to boost resilience and preserve their quality of life in the face of these … Continue reading

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Visit our Facebook page…and a Striking Article from U.S. News and World Report: Dispatchers among the most underpaid

In his brief article The 10 Most Underpaid Jobs (3.21.13) Rick Newman identifies 911 dispatchers as among those professions whose salaries are not in accord with the service and value they contribute to society. I offer the link to the … Continue reading

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