Building Your Stress Program

Resources to Help you Build your PSAP’s “Comprehensive Stress Management Program” (CSMP)

With this post we now offer resources to assist North American 911 centers in implementation of this NENA Standard. The links below will bring you to these documents. Use by Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and other 911 stakeholders seeking to advance the Standard is encouraged. (Please note that 911WF’s efforts and resources related to this NENA Standard are offered as a non-profit service which while not officially affiliated with NENA is intended to support expedited and widespread adoption of the Standard.)

We hope you will enjoy and benefit from use of these resources. Please be sure to tell us about your efforts to implement your CSMP/Wellness Programs, ask for help as needed, and share your success stories so we can post them as support to other 911 centers. We also welcome input about these documents and this project from all 911 stakeholders as we expand and improve our offerings.

    • NENA-STA-002_9-1-1_AcuteTraumatic_&_ChronicStressMgmt. This is a copy of the actual Stress Standard which all PSAPs should review, have on file and work in accordance with as they implement the NENA Stress Standard.
    • PDF copy of Michigan NENA 2014Conference Presentation on the NENA STRESS STANDARD OnlineVersion. This presentation offers a concise explanation about the solutions offered in the Standard and the benefits of implementing it. It can serve as a great resource to share with your PSAP personnel as well as governing boards from whom support may be needed for implementation.
    • 911WF NENA RESOURCE A: A Guide Sheet for Building Your PSAP Comprehensive Stress Management Program (CSMP). This document serves as a grid to help you focus, organize, and record your agency’s implementation efforts.
    • 911WF NENA STRESS RESOURCE B Helpful Links. This PDF document provides you with hyperlinks to key resources you can use to create and fulfill each of the 8  elements of your PSAP’s CSMP. For example, you’ll see handouts  on stress education you can print and display in your center to fulfill CSMP element 3: providing your personnel with “Onsite educational materials”.
    • PDF copy of  BoostWellnessNENAonline2014 Conference Presentation: These are slides from a 2014 presentation by Jim Marshall at the 2014 Navigator Conference. The presentation was designed to help 911 leaders learn about the value of boosting wellness in our PSAPs with examples from successes of two leading 911 centers.  Jim is willing to present this content (slides offer on partial detail) for leaders upon request in live webinar format at no charge to support local implementation of CSMPs and for 911WF.

We hope you find this information helpful and invite your comments and questions. If there is additional information you need but don’t find posted here please contact us with your request. Our goal is to simplify and expedite your work to get a CSMP up and running at your PSAP. If you’re proud of work you’re doing related to any of the 8 CSMP elements, we’d love to feature your center’s work on our 911WF blog. For all inquiries email us:

Thank you, and keep taking good care of yourself!

Jim Marshall, 911WF Chair/ceo

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