Contributing to 911WF

A message from Jim Marshall, 911WF Chair & CEO

Thanks so much for considering giving to the 911 Wellness Foundation.

INDIVIDUALS and Corporate Citizens who are are interested in making smaller donations to the important work of the Foundation can visit our GoFundMe Campaign link here We value each donation greatly no matter the size of the gift! 

Corporate Citizens or other parties interested in considering larger contributions and who wish to learn more about the Foundation are invited to read on. 

Organizations seeking to fulfill their responsibility to give back to their communities and the workers who make their success possible are realizing their role as Corporate Citizens. As the Foundation’s chair and CEO, it has been clear since we launched this initiative in 2011 that success in achieving our mission would require strong and sustained investment by such Corporate Citizens and other members of both the private and public sectors. And since our telecommunicators are the end-users of 911 vendors’ products and services, such financial partnerships makes perfect sense.   

The 911 Wellness Foundation represents a unique and valuable opportunity for our Corporate Citizens to give back by investing in the lives of those at the heart of 911 operations. 911WF is proud of what we’ve become as an organization–the industry’s recognized leader in pursuit of wellness-driven resilience and peak performance of our 911 Professionals. Achieving the Foundation’s goals requires the ability to resource critical projects in research, education, policy and intervention, many of which are described on this website. Your help as a Corporate Citizen will empower 911WF to secure the human infrastructure of the 911 industry–our telecommunicators.

911WF has won the participation of a full spectrum of highly qualified experts who have helped us define the complex stress-related challenges facing our 911 centers; and we have begun initiating well-designed plans to address these challenges. Simply put, we have all we need to fulfill our mission except adequate funding.  For that, we seek your help.

If you and your organization are interested in exploring financial partnership with the 911 Wellness Foundation, we invite you to join us in a conversation about the opportunity to fund a 911WF project that best fits your corporate mission and identity. You can email me confidentially at  Or if you wish to learn more first, please read on…

Infrastructure First. The Foundation has worked hard to create a solid infrastructure as an organization. We are guided by a proven leadership team supported by a diverse and well-qualified Board of Trustees, and continue to succeed in building crucial alliances with other industry leaders. And the timing is right for us to move ahead at full speed: with the help of 911WF leaders the National Emergency Number Association approved the landmark Standard on Acute/Traumatic and Chronic Stress calling for Comprehensive Stress Management Programs in August of 2013 for all 911 centers in North America.

In accord with a Memorandum of Understanding between NENA and the Foundation as Alliance Partners, 911WF is devoted to assuring full implementation of this vital standard throughout North America. Yet, our goal is not limited to prevention of psychological disorders and stress-related illness.  We are committed and prepared to help our telecommunicators also achieve and sustain Resilience and Peak Performance.

Poised to do The Right Thing Together. For several years, 911WF leaders have leveraged multi-disciplinary expertise and industry support to lay the groundwork for a broad and long-term strategic wellness initiative. We are prepared to invite innovative stakeholders with a vested interest in the future of 911, to join with us as financial partners–to explore the shared rewards of contributing substantively to the Foundation’s work.

Benefits of Affiliation with 911WF… Partnering with the Foundation affords corporate sponsors, foundations, and governmental agencies an extraordinary opportunity to make history as part of the greater Family of 911 Stakeholders; to be counted among those who recognized the enormous value of our frontline 911 workers who strive to protect the public and our field responders every day. Your investment also sends a clear message to our 911 centers: that your organization believes that taking care of our Very First Responders is just the right thing to do.

There are many opportunities for financial partnership with the 911 Wellness Foundation including funding a first-ever Summit on 911 Wellness. This summit will lead to development of a BluePrint for 911 Wellness and Peak Performance in the Next Generation PSAP. We are also seeking sponsors for as series of projects advancing 911 research, education, policy and intervention initiatives. Please take time to learn more about each of these Four Streams of Activity by clicking on the tabs above.

Inquiries can be sent confidentially to me  at Feel free also to call me at 231.881.1434.

Thank you for recognizing the value of 911WF to the industry and in advance for your part in achieving our mission!

J. Marshall, Chair/CEO





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