A Unique Mission

The Foundation’s mission is to foster optimal health fueling resilience, peak performance, and a high Quality of Life (at work and at home) for our nation’s 911 Public Safety Telecommunicators (PST). These 911 Professionals are the Very First Responders when citizens seek emergency help. The Foundation Board is pursuing fulfillment of the Foundation’s mission through a strategic alliance with leading 911 organizations, 911 professionals including frontline PSTs, PSAP directors, and other 911 “Subject Matter Experts” or “SMEs”, joined by experts in mental health,  medicine, organizational behavior, and research methodology, and with citizens grateful to 911. Aided by these alliances, the work of the foundation flows into four streams of activity:

  • RESEARCH: review, design and support for scientific research on the nature, impacts, and prevention of acute and traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, chronic stress, and work conditions in the 911 workplace. This research produces source-information for our other three streams of activity…
  • EDUCATION: boosting awareness among all 911 stakeholders of 911 stress risks, workplace factors that increase stress, and practices that can buffer stress in the PSAP. Equipping all stakeholders with this knowledge fosters broadbase support for…
  • POLICY ADVOCACY: operations of the local PSAP and the work experience of the dispatcher are shaped by PSAP governing boards and 911 center leaders in accord with public demand; 911 enacting legislation; the Federal and state regulations set in place to implement such law; technological and operational standards set forth by national 911 associations; and, by funding for PSAP technology/ equipment, protocols, and training.  The Foundation seeks to empower decision makers in each of these domains with the knowledge they need to shape 911 policy and practices that foster dispatcher’s health and peak performance.
  • TREATMENT/EMOTIONAL SUPPORT: Two factors have worked against 911 telecommunicators gaining the emotional support they need to combat the dangerous stress of their jobs: 1) Ignorance about just how great those stress risks and impacts are, and 2) what the Foundation calls Paramilitary Peer Pressure: the historically dominant idea among law enforcement/emergency response personnel that admitting job-related emotional distress and the need for professional mental health assistance signals personal weakness–and threatens mission success. The Foundation is working to assure maximum access and reception by all 911 professionals to evidence-based mental health treatment to boost quality of life and PSAP performance.

To learn more about each of the Foundation’s activity streams, click on the associated tabs at the top of this page. And thank you for caring enough to explore the Foundation. We hope you will partner with us to achieve our mission. Learn more now about how you can help.

1 Response to A Unique Mission

  1. twilli122 says:

    I am pleased as a Criminal Justice student to be aware of a foundation that supports wellness of our public safety officials. It is a plus that they are in alliance with such resourceful organizations, such as; mental health and medicine. Which are huge factors for the study and researching to create findings on prevention and a cure. The slogan used by the Wellness foundation “Subject matter experts” says a lot about the foundation their goals. I’m definitely on board……

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