Personal 911 Stories


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This feature of our blog is designed to bring you into the lives of the 911 telecommunicators for whom the 911 Wellness Foundation was established– to enable you to “see” the 911Pro’s who have been largely invisible to the public they serve. In essence, all of us  as stakeholders–whether the citizen who will call again, the 911 leader, the policy maker, the corporate citizen–will be far more apt to support and honor our telecommunicators if we repeatedly encounter them personally– as real people; people who, like all of us, strive to preserve a quality in their home lives even as they face this unique and extraordinary 911 stress.

So, on this page we will feature stories submitted by current or past 911 Professionals. We highly encourage submissions from 911 telecommunicators as well as recommendations of peers whose stories you believe would encourage and inspire our readers. Just e-mail Jim Marshall: 911 Wellness Foundation reserves the right to refuse publication of submitted stories but we’ll do our best to work with you!

Our Current Feature…


The story below was written by former 911Pro Amy Seidler, a member of the 911WF Council of Subject Matter Experts (CoSME) who is currently pursuing her masters degree in mental health with the hope of serving the 911 profession. Your comments are encouraged! Stories may be reprinted upon request for permission. Just click on the link beneath the story title to open the full PDF version.


Jim Marshall


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