Research is 911WF’s First Stream of Activity because the Foundation is resolved that all its initiatives are, whenever possible, supported by scientific evidence. This reliance on research as an organization reflects our Board’s commitment to assuring a reliable basis upon which the 911 industry can trust the Foundation’s leadership in all our collaborative pursuits


First 911 Wellness Foundation

Virtual Conference


Description: 911 telecommunicators (911TCs) are the very first responders in emergencies involving medical, fire, and police responders. Little research has been done to study their personal wellness and the organizational health of their communication centers (also known as Public Safety Answering Points, or PSAP). This conference is intended to engage researchers at all levels, practitioners, and 911 industry subject matter experts (frontline telecommunicators, local, state, and federal/national 911 leaders, 911 corporate citizens) in this crucial conversation and promote future research fostering wellness of this population.

Submitting Proposals: The 911 Wellness Foundation welcomes proposals for full papers and brief/alternate format roundtable presentations. Submissions will be accepted through August 15, 2015. 

  • Full papers (8-20 pages double spaced, formatted in accordance with APA, 6th ed guidelines) are being accepted through July 31, 2015 Four Full Paper Topics (related to Emergency Communications/PSAPs):
    1. Clinical Social Sciences. For additional information contact Dr. Jeral Kirwan:
    2. Applied Social Sciences. For additional information contact Jan Myers
    3. Leadership & Organizational Behavior. For additional information contact Dr. Alan Swank: Alan.Swank@ashford.ed
    4. Human Resources Management. For additional information contact Dr. Lora Reed:

Working papers for roundtable discussion (full abstracts with references 2-5 pages double spaced, formatted in accordance with APA, 6th ed guidelines).

Roundtable Topics can include:

  1. Your Choice – Working Ideas pertinent to Emergency Communications/PSAPs)
  2. Issues related to pursuit of comprehensive wellness and resilience in the Communications Center/PSAP

How to submit your Proposal: please just copy the bulleted items listed here and complete the requested information, then email to Dr. Lora Reed by the August 15 deadline.

  • Presentation Title
  • Specify if full paper (30 minute delivery) or roundtable session (15 minutes delivery followed by discussion):
  • Summary of Presentation (100 words or less):
  • Indicate presentation format (Power Point and/or Video, Panel Discussion, other):
  • Presenter/Speaker Biography (100 words or less)
  • Contact Information (Name, email, website if applicable, and telephone):

To discuss or seek clarity about these paper and roundtable topics, or to suggest additional topic ideas, contact Simon Hargrove;

For all other Additional Information contact:

Dr. Lora Reed, (PhD), Director of Research 911 Wellness Foundation, Tel. 941.705.0042


Why is the 911 Wellness Foundation so interested in research?

In the first four years of operation, 911WF practiced this commitment to rely on and advance  scientific research in four ways:

  • Educating the 911 industry on existing evidence identifying 911 stress risks as the essential basis for 911WF recommendations for preventive initiatives and post-interventions. (The published literature included only two preliminary studies through 2012: Roberta Troxell’s 2008 study and the 2012 Northern Illinois University Study, NIU, conducted by Heather Pearce and Michelle Lilly.)
  • Recommending to the 911 industry only Evidence-Based Therapies (EBT) found effective in the treatment of PTSD, specifically Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Affirming that all policy proposals developed by 911WF  shall be, whenever possible, supported by scientific data (i.e., findings from well-designed research studies)
  • Advancing outside research initiatives which sought to produce new and more in-depth understanding of: the risks telecommunicators face directly related to their work experience; the impact of these risks on personal psychological and physiological health, and quality of life; individual and PSAP performance; job retention, and those positive personal and workplace factors and conditions that will optimize metrics in each of these domains.  (For more information about these efforts, request the 911WF 2013 Annual Report.)

Research now and in the Future for 911WF: Meet Dr. Reed. In Early 2014 the 911WF Board of Trustees unanimously supported Chair/CEO Jim Marshall’s nomination of Trustee Lora Reed NEW2014Lora Reed, Ph.D. to serve the Foundation’s Director of Research. Under Dr. Reed’s leadership we will develop and advance a long-term 911 Research Agenda in support of the BluePrint for 911 Wellness and Peak Performance in the Next Generation PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point). To fulfill this Agenda, Dr. Reed plans to guide the Foundation in conducting its own research studies and to pursue collaborative projects with other scientists.

She has a passion to engage a broad spectrum of researchers from young scholars (undergraduate and graduate students interested in thesis and dissertation topics), early career academicians, and leading scholars in their fields. Dr. Reed’s goal includes establishing 911WF as a repository for all research conducted in, or bearing directly on the well-being of 911 telecommunicators, and the publication of an online Journal on 911 Wellness.

Dr. Reed’s most recent published research is Servant Leadership, Followership, and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors in 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Centers: Implications of a National Study.  It appears in Servant Leadership: Theory & Practice, vol 2 (1) and can be accessed online at In 2009 she was named one of the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership’s first three Greenleaf Scholars for her work with 911 emergency telecommunicators.

Dr. Reed is joined in the Foundation’s Research Directorate by:

  • 911WF CoSME Member and NIU researcher Michelle Lilly, Ph.D.
  • Trustee  Sara Gilman, M.F.T., Ph.D. (candidate)
  • Foundation Chair/CEO Jim Marshall, MA.

All others with expertise or strong interest in research are invited to contact Dr. Reed to explore volunteering with us! She welcomes e-mail: Progress on all future 911WF research initiatives will be posted on this page, so please return.

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