Rx for 911: EMDR

The EMDR-for-911 Prescription: Extraordinary Help for “Extraordinary Care Givers” (ECGs)!

911WF Chair/CEO Jim Marshall, a Certified EMDR Therapist and 911 educator on stress-resilience, defines “ECGs” as those professionals who “help people in unpredictable life-and-death scenarios [and] experience abnormally heavy doses of traumatic hEMDR Francine Intuman suffering frequently and unpredictably. (Emergency Communications Professional Magazine, January/February, 2006.)

The obvious ECGs include police officers, fire-fighters, paramedics and emergency room physicians and nurses. Yet our 911 professionals (“911Pros”) also clearly qualify as ECGs according to this definition. And a premise of the Foundation is that ECG’s need Extraordinary resilience training, psychological treatment and support in accordance with the new 911 industry Standard on Acute, Traumatic and Chronic Stress Management. So our 911Pros need access to qualified trauma therapists and the most effective treatment available as a matter of policy in all our nation’s 911 centers.

Accordingly, 911WF urges our Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) personnel to use only those psychotherapies that have been established through controlled studies to be effective in the treatment of post traumatic stress disorder. Specifically, the Foundation advocates Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as the treatment of choice for  911 professionals based on a combination of its outstanding evidence base, endorsement by the Department of Defense, and per the extensive clinical experience of our 911WF board members’ in successfully treating PTSD using this treatment.  To review EMDR: Trauma Research Findings & Further Reading, an exhaustive 32 page document citing the International Treatment Guidelines and the extensive evidence supporting EMDR, click here.

To learn more about EMDR visit the EMDRIA website here.

If you are a 911 Professional considering seeking help for 911 traumatic stress and you are interesting in discussing your decision confidentially with 911WF’s chairman and EMDR Therapist, Jim Marshall, email 911Wellness@live.com. For years Jim has helped bridge 911Pros to qualified EMDR therapists throughout the U.S.

The Foundation is currently working to establish a national Registry of EMDR therapists for 911.  Clinicians desiring membership on the Registry will be required to watch an educational video presentation Reaching the Unseen First Responder with EMDR. This presentation, delivered at the 2013 EMDR International Association Conference by EMDRIA/911WF Foundation Board Members Sara Gilman and Jim Marshall describes the 911 Professional’s unique exposure to traumatic stress at the console. In addition, clinicians wishing to be listed in the  Registry must have completed the full EMDRIA approved basic EMDR training course and be willing to visit their local PSAP for a “Sit-Along” learning experience.

If you are an EMDR Therapist… did you know that the 911WF recommends EMDR as the Treatment of Choice for 911 Professionals struggling with PTSD, Compassion Fatigue, and stress-related issues? We want to partner with you in getting the healing gift of EMDR to as many 911 Pros in North American as we possibly can. Become the local EMDR for 911 leader by learning more about joining the Registry.  Please contact Jim Marshall: 911Wellness@live.com, or call him at 231.881.1434. And check out this brief video: “Why Does the 911 Wellness Foundation Matter to EMDR Therapists. Thank you!



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